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Construction/Demolition Debris

There are two main categories that you can dispose of in my dumpsters: Construction Debris and Garbage.  These may seem similar, but the method and facilities for disposing of each type of waste can be very different.  Depending on what you'll be disposing of and where you are located, your prices may be different for different materials.  It's important to describe what you're planning to dispose of when we discuss your rental.  

10 Yard Dumpster

Single Room Remodel, small deck demo, small roofing jobs, flooring demo, etc

15 Yard Dumpster

Kitchen/master bath remodel, medium deck removal, large carpet and pad removals, large flooring jobs, etc


Forbidden Materials

No Tires

No Appliances with Refrigerant
No Pressurized Containers

No Containers of Paint, Stain, Solvents, Chemicals, Gas, Oil

No Hazardous Materials

These items are bad for the environment, possibly dangerous and can result in Fines

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